Shakespear park

Just outside of Auckland, in the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, sits Shakespear Park- a place with roaming green hills, grazing farm animals, and a beautiful crystal blue beach access. When we first arrived, I was so amazed that you can walk amongst the animals free in the paddocks. It really is quite the experience if you’re someone … Continue reading “Shakespear park”

Kaiate falls hike

Kaiate falls is located approx. 30 mins outside of Tauranga. There are multiple paths and trails to choose from to take you to the tip-top or the very bottom of the multiple waterfalls, so no need to chase them! If you choose to go to the bottom on a hot day, bring your swimsuit (aka … Continue readingKaiate falls hike

Two nights in Tauranga

Our first adventure was to Tauranga, a great little seaside town on the east coast. The perfect location if you’re looking for a lowkey weekend getaway as you don’t have to search far and wide for things to do during your short stay. On our first day, we enjoyed walking around the Mount, we didn’t … Continue reading “Two nights in Tauranga”

Life in NZ MIQ

What is MIQ you may ask? Most countries aren’t familiar with this process, however, “Managed Isolation Quarantine” is required when entering New Zealand while borders remain closed to fight the spread of Covid-19. For many, it is hard to comprehend the concept of what actually happens in an MIQ facility. News media has covered a … Continue reading “Life in NZ MIQ”

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