Shakespear park

Just outside of Auckland, in the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, sits Shakespear Park- a place with roaming green hills, grazing farm animals, and a beautiful crystal blue beach access. When we first arrived, I was so amazed that you can walk amongst the animals free in the paddocks. It really is quite the experience if you’re someone like me who has a love for farms animals but grew up in the city, just keep a friendly distance from the cows and sheep, they don’t mind you walking by for a visit though. 

The beauty of Shakespear park is you can walk as far, wide, and freely as you wish or keep it short and simple by just enjoying the scenery around. There are multiple different routes to take and most are through the fields. They aren’t at all extreme in difficulty but the hills do surprise you with how steep they are once you begin to walk them. We walked along the animals then cut through towards the beach and back up to the top of the farm hills. The perfect place to go just a short drive from the city if you want to stretch your legs outside for a few hours or even just enjoy the peacefulness with a picnic. Make sure you stop at the giant picture frame at the top to show just how picture-perfect the scenery around is!

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